A selection of my design projects. For any portfolio enquiries feel free to contact me. 


Scooter Pannier


Creating a scooter accessory to enhance an adults sense of urban mobility. 

This was a 3 month long client project for Microscooter. The pannier opens the possibility of using the scooter as a tool for local shopping. The ability to mount one or two bags means the stability of the scooter is never compromised, one bag sits centrally, or two sit either side of the central post.


Balancing shopping bags on the handlebars of the scooter causes it to become unstable.


By testing prototypes I was able to refine the capacity, materials and functionality

Final Design

Through constant model making I was able to ensure the scooter maintained all functionality. 

Craft Speaker

‘The distance between the maker and the user is growing and, with it, knowledge, understanding and appreciation are diminishing.’ 
- Power Of Making, Daniel Charny

The Craft Speaker is a reaction to this idea, introducing consumers who would not normally engage in any kind of craft with the experience of hand stitching leather. The user would follow the instructions to punch holes in marked places on the leather, then stitching the leather body to the structural components. Designed to be a gift it is given to a close friend or relative once assembled, embodying physical effort and learning, something more than the monetary value an off the shelf gift provides. The emotional investment into the item means it could be treasured, rather than one quickly thrown away. 

Newspaper Re-circulation


HUBBUB collaboration: Tidying up Villiers Street, London.

BeeUse is a newspaper exchange point. It is a concept for The Evening Standard newspaper that would reduce the amount of newspapers needed to be printed and distributed, by maximising the amount of users each newspaper has. A exchange point would be placed nearby to train or tube stations and allow a newspaper to be collected at the start of a journey, and be deposited at the end. 


The amount of newspapers distributed on the street due to the heavy flow of commuters is one of the key causes of the litter problem. 


Honeycomb is a naturally strong, stackable shape. Comprised of folded ABS sheet which is riveted together, making it stable and cost effective to produce.

Final Design

BeeUse is scaleable depending on location. Modules against the ground can be capped and have sand bags, or be bolted to  the ground for safety and stability.


Veneer Light Shade


A materials experimentation project focusing on the idea, 'more with less'.

The brief was to design to the typology of lighting utilising the material, wood veneer. I designed to the idea of 'more with less' by using subtle additions that added a more premium feel to the material. These included one side of white spray paint and Stainless Steel screws. The form of the final design has both natural and man-made influences, firstly the natural form of a cocoon, and secondly vintage filament bulbs.


Soaking veneer in fabric conditioner allows it to achieve much sharper radiuses without splitting. 


Utilising the properties of the soaked veneer I experimented form by making sketch models. I selected the form in the centre.


Final Design

The single side of white spray paint means the light diffuses through the wood in a much subtler way.