Always Look Up


After a busy week of work I was lucky enough to visit Salcombe over the weekend as a belated valentines gift. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have my usual camera with me so it was time to adopt the trusty old iPhone. Throughout the day I found it to be a much more capable camera than I first realised. Nearly the only feature I was really missing was the amazing 50x optical zoom. I was relishing every second of a quick coffee shop pit-stop to get the photos into the VSCO app and uploaded to Instagram.

During the day the weather kept yo-yoing between heavy rain and summer sunshine. But that gave some of the shots all the more moodiness. Salcombe has an extensive waterfront and a naturally sheltered harbour as it lies on an estuary. As a result the town has a remarkable nautical heritage and the architecture really reflected this. The photography opportunities were all over the place, from the vistas of the estuary to unsuspecting side alleys, every time I turned a corner there seemed to be a charming new detail. 


During this trip something I came to realise is the amount of beautiful details we must walk past every single day by hanging our heads and muddling through. Many of us desire exotic trips to experience the astonishing sights we see on instagram, but we have lots of captivating places all around us, it's time to go out and explore, taking the time to look up and notice the unexpected details that surround you in everyday life.

If I had to sum up Salcombe in a couple of words it would be ‘nautical charm’, I’ll be sure to head back in the summer with my usual camera to capture some of the shots my trusty old iPhone couldn’t.

Until next time, Alex