3D Printed F1 Car Pt.2


Nearly eight whole weeks, and about forty hours of printing have passed since my last post on this project. After some persuasion with a set of needle files and a hammer, as you may have seen from the image above, I have successfully 3D printed the F1 RC car designed by Daniel Norée

I settled on a two tone colour scheme, both colours were PLA from Colorfabb. The Lilac reveals the seductive curvature of the car while the black was practical, elegant and matched the tyres. Even just sitting on the side in my bedroom, the body work of the car is so aerodynamic it looks as if it’s moving quickly. I’m incredibly excited to get it wired up with some electronics and out on the open road; or on a rainy day the kitchen floor!


During the build the only minor (colossal) hiccup was my ill-fated attempt to print the tyres. To cut a rather long story short, I ordered a spool of Ninjaflex and for love nor money couldn't print it. For anyone that doesn't know what Ninjaflex is, rather than printing in a hard plastic as a printer usually does, it resembles a rubbery type of material, perfect for the tyres of the car. No matter what I tried I got a dreaded clicking noise from the extruder, confirming it was jammed. After a series of attempts to unjam and modify my printer so that the Ninjaflex would print, my patience buckled and I ordered the tyres instead. 

After three years of owning my dinosaur of a printer, it never fails to astonish me what it can produce. The idea that in the not so distant future people could just press print to create toys similar to this for their children is fascinating. I recently purchased a Nerf gun to fuel my curiosity and it definitely presents an exiting printing project for the future. 

Until next time, Alex